Small Batch, Big Personality

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Boutique Vegan Gelato
Small Batch, Big Personality
All good, zero guilt.
Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free Ingredients
raw, gluten-free, vegan

Annoucements & Specials:

Gelato is a moment to savor. It’s a tire swing in a splash of sun, diving into the noisy surf, or spring’s first runner of strawberries, ruby-colored and puckery-sweet when bitten. Pure and simple, Millie’s Boutique Vegan Gelato is about the celebration—without the aftermath. Each small batch is caringly crafted with the finest gluten-free, vegan ingredients we can get our hands on. All good, zero guilt.

We think not one smidge of decadence should be missing when you dip into a pint of gelato. Chocolate should be rich enough to make you pause. Juicy blueberries and bing cherries should stain your lips and brighten your spirit. Bouts of nostalgia should accompany creamy, cold vanilla. Who knew eating healthy could be so delectable? Go ahead. Have another scoop of Millie’s Boutique Vegan Gelato.